Punch with Purpose

Punch with Purpose


T H E  S T O R Y

One of the best things about being in school is that you get a lot of freedom to do a wide range of projects. I've always believe that what you get out of school is what you put into it. Since I started out in art direction, and now doing a motley of things from motion to interactive, I tend to go for full-blown projects where I get to be challenged in different skills and areas of design.

Last year I decided to pick up a new hobby, I might like to dress up and put on make up, but I'd also like to be badass. Boxing might be the last thing that people expect me to do, but now that I've done more than 50 sessions in less than 6 months, it has quickly turned to my new addiction. What I love about boxing is how it requires a huge amount of discipline; and with discipline comes progress. What I realize is that during my time in school, you will see students doing projects on topics that they love, hate, or at the least subjects that care about in real life - and when they do this it usually gives them the best result, as this interest drives their passion when they start to work on the project.



When I received the brief, I decided that I want to challenge myself to do something different with this new hobby of mine. The current branding for boxing is typically something like this:

Seems like everything is a little loud and crowded, perhaps the intention is to capture the energy of boxing. With that said, I want to rethink how I could bring a new rebrand visually without losing this energetic side of branding, but without having to bring all the excess "baggage" and strip it down to what really matters. So I started to do my research and my inspiration came from these powerful vintage black and white boxing posters and photographs. There is a raw intensity in these images that seems to get lost a little bit as time goes by. 

In terms of the visual cue, one of the main questions that got me into the final decision was what would be the moment for boxers to put it all out there? When is this shining moment? And the answer is when they are inside the ring - this is their do or die, where they feel the most powerful. So came the yellow square visual cue, inspired by the ring.


T H E  I D E A

The obvious approach to rebranding might be to revamp something visually. I chose the brand TITLE Boxing, they have a wide range of products and started the business in boxing equipments, but has managed to expand their brand to open boxing gyms around the country. For this concept, they seem to be a good choice. With brands like Everlast and Twins, it's easy for TITLE to be overlooked. 

So for this rebranding, I wanted to see it as an opportunity for TITLE to rise above its competition with innovation - because visual rebranding is not enough to elevate the brand. Questions such as: Is there a way to utilize technology to make boxing a sport with further purpose? prompt my concept for this project. 



When I did my research, I looked beyond just the boxing industry, but the sports industry in general. One thing I realize is that brands that have successfully rebrand themselves are those who are able to create a product that seamlessly fit into people's lifestyle. Once they are able to find the connection between the two, they can then rise up as a brand, instead of just being seen as one of another. 

The target here is not only pro fighters, but also white collars - in fact, this is the focus target, people like me, and you, if you're reading this. People who does boxing to let out some steam or to get some calories burned. The strategy is to leverage this addictive sport and motivate people by showing them that it's possible to train and do good at the same time. Thus the idea of creating triboelectric heavy bags, that would generate energy from each punch that a boxer throws - this energy will eventually be distributed to places where electricity is inadequate. 


T H E  P R O C E S S

Moving into the visuals, I started out with thinking about where I want this digital experience to live. I decided that mobile experience will not be enough, the experience should also live inside the gym, where boxers train, as well as web - which allows more people to learn about this Punch with Purpose movement. 



Next, I figured out the flow of the experience, starting by how I would want to initiate the project and how to introduce this new idea to the public, to the end of the experience, where user successfully complete their journey and share this experience in social. Below are my initial wireframes.



The challenge for me in this project is dealing with a lot of numeric data and making sure that TITLE gets to own a new voice visually. My visual design changes a lot from beginning to end, in fact, the final visual that you see now where everything is primarily white instead of black was discovered almost by the end of the project completion. Another thing learned from this project is to really experiment and try out as much possibilities before settling into one - to think about ten, twenty, or a hundred ways to approach something visually as the right one might be the one least expected. Below you will find some of my early design explorations.



On top of conceptual skills, I was also challenge technically. I'm currently in the progress of bettering myself in Cinema 4D. Because I had a specific idea in mind on how I want to promote the product, I had to spend a lot of time learning to model in Cinema 4D. Here's a screenshot of my progress creating a mock up of a promotional outdoor installation for the campaign.



Thanks for reading this blog post! I hope you get a better understanding of the project. More questions? Love mails? Hate mails :-( ? Click here to holler.

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